About Me

This is Nasr, an architect rethinking what a single line can do.

I let my emotions flow through the ink. I forget time in the scent of ink and paper, and I drown in my imagination. Imagination gives me space from everyday life, allowing me to develop my impressions and interpretations.

Inspiration is everywhere. It can be the lines of a favourite song to the flowers and leaves of a morning’s walk. Curiosity is the key to being creative. The energy comes from the sense of excitement of the unknown, the mystery of not knowing what is going to emerge on the blank canvas.
I draw to tell stories, imbuing them with my personal experience and symbolism.
I draw strangers, portraits of people, capturing the physical characteristics and unique personality of each, and try to imagine what sort of relationship I would have with them.
I draw what many would see as the ideal human form, perfectly proportioned. Then, sometimes, I draw reality, the ordinary and the imperfect. Sometimes I am inspired by a dream, sometimes a memory, sometimes the thought of something that gives me butterflies or makes me feel blue.

I create so I’m still alive, drowning in my imagination, flying by my emotions, going up and down, turning and spinning like I’m dancing, dancing to the music of time.

I am Nasr, an Australian-based architect rethinking what a single line of poetry can do.